When you are considering mailing lists, here are a few basic ideas to keep in mind.

- The more concentrated, by area, your list is, the less expensive postage costs will be.
- You can rent a list for a one-time use or for unlimited usage.
- There are many types of lists but the 3 basic types include:

Resident/Occupant Lists:

- Rent by Carrier Route
- Every address to which the Post Office delivers
- Rent by average home value in an area
- Rent by average income in an area
- Rent by percentage of homes with children

Consumer Lists:

- Income ranges
- Homeowner status
- Presence of children and ages
- Ethnicity
- Occupation

Business Lists:

- SIC classification numbers
- Number of employees
- Annual revenue
- Years in business

Please contact us and let us know what demographics you may be looking for and we can get you an estimate of how many records meet your criteria.